What is Freebees?

Become a Freebees Member for free and receive Freebees money rewards from our Partners!

  • By creating your Member account
  • By making transactions with Partners, in-store or online
  • By entering promotional codes
  • By buying it online
  • By browsing websites
  • And more!

Being a Freebees Member means the freedom to have a single account and hundreds of places to use it, as you want, when you want!

Take advantage of a new payment mode free of charge with your Freebees virtual wallet.

Be rewarded with access to exclusive Promotions and content from your favorite merchants!

1 Register and activate your account

Ask your membership card at a participating Partner (retailer) or download the Freebees mobile App! IT'S FREE!

Complete the steps to register and activate your card.

In just a few clicks, your membership is completed and you could even receive instant rewards from your Local Partners!

2 Accumulate And Spend!

Find Freebees Partners and present your Membership Card when purchasing to accumulate or spend your Freebees money!

Find Partners' Promotions to accumulate your Freebees money even faster! It's that simple!

The Freebees Freedom!

Enjoy an unmatched experience by downloading the Freebees mobile app!

The mobile application not only lets you not have to carry another card in your wallet, but also gives you access to exclusive content!

The Freebees web and mobile applications allows you to quickly locate a Freebees Partner near you, wherever you are, to discover their promotions and accumulate your Freebees money.

You can even receive our Partners offers and promotions by email and/or and your mobile phone!

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