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Loyalty, Gift Card and more...
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A program in your image!

Create your own electronic money and offer rewards to your loyal customers, your new customers and even your future customers...
  • When creating their Member account
  • For their transactions with you, in store or online
  • By adding promotions that have a direct impact on your revenues
  • By creating promo codes in partnership with your suppliers and business partners
  • By selling your gift cards online
  • When consumers browse the web
  • And more!
You already have a program? Ask our experts how to jump on board and import your data at no cost!
Increase your customer visit frequency and average bill
Stay in touch with your customers with our simple and easy-to-use tools!
Marketing support service
Customer support for your clients
Follow your program progress with our reports and statistics
Integrates with your POS software

Say goodbye to discounts and increase your revenues!

Use our calculator to discover the impact of offering cash back rather than discounts

Regular sale price


Ongoing promotion (discount offered)

Number of purchases

0% DISCOUNT on the sale price

0% REWARD in Electronic Money (EM)

Total payment received after 0 visit(s) :



No loyalty incentive and nothing encourages the client to return, and this, from his first visit

Total payment received after 0 visit(s) :

0,00$ * = Increase of 0%

0,00$ = Increase of 0% (if he accumulates his rewards)

* The client still has 16,80$ to spend, so he’s likely to come back

Enjoy a new payment method with no transaction fees!

Payment methodIn storeOnlineTransaction feesData access
Credit cards



Debit cards







Electronic payments





Sell your Gift Cards in store or online!

A must to increase your sales and your customer base. The magic number: 40%!
  • Gift Cards represent 40% of gifts offered in Canada
  • 40% of people who receive a gift card spend more than it's value
  • 40% of gift card users are new customers
Already have gift cards from another provider? Ask our experts how to jump on board and import your data at no cost!

20% of the amounts added to gift cards will never be spent ...

Rechargeable Gift Cards
Sell your gift cards online!
Upgrade your customers' purchases to boost sales
Customer support for your clients
Follow your sales progress with our reports and statistics
Integrates with your POS software

Becoming a Freebees Partner is fast and easy!

Information meeting and analysis of your needs
Design of your cards
Configuration in your point-of-sale system (if applicable)
You are ready to launch your program and make sales!


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Gift Card $39/month* FREEDOM $199/month*
Your business solutions
Your In-store loyalty platform

Customized cards **

Unlimited promotional tools

Your Online loyalty platform (if applicable)

Your page in the Freebees Mobile Application and website

Communication Module (Emails / Push notifications)

Promotions Management Module

Promo Codes Management Module

Gift Cards Module
(including online gift cards and gift card reloading)

Detailed reports and stats

Our Packages include
  • A marketing agent at your service
  • No transaction fee
  • Access to the Freebees national network
  • Technical support
  • Customer service for your customers
  • Free Updates

* Price per business location. No activation fee! FREEDOM Package regular price $199/month.
** Card prices vary according to order volumes.

Our Clients

Point of Sale Software (POS) Integration

The Freebees Program easily integrates with your POS software. We are proud to collaborate with the best in this field to meet your needs! The Freebees Program is integrated with the following point-of-sale software (POS) :
Your software is not on this list?
Freebees also works by accessing a virtual web checkout or through the mobile application. Contact us to discuss it!
Would you like to integrate Freebees into your Point of Sale (POS) software?
By adding Freebees to your products, you will be able to offer your customers the opportunity to take advantage of all the business solutions offered to Freebees Partners. If you want to develop a partnership to integrate the Freebees Program into your point-of-sale software, we are interested in meeting you. For more information, please contact the Freebees National Center (