Accumulate and spend

How to accumulate or spend Freebees money

There are many ways to get Freebees money!

  • By creating your Member account
  • By making transactions with Partners, in-store or online
  • By entering promotional codes
  • By buying it online
  • By browsing websites
  • And more!

Exclusive : This money can only be used at the Partner who has issued it to the member.

Freebees : This money is valid at all participating Freebees Partners.

In your wallet of your Freebees Member account, you will have a balance in Freebees money and Exclusive money balances from all Partners with whom you made a Freebees transaction.

When you present your Freebees membership card or mobile App at a partner, the latter will be able to give you the available balance for your purchase (Freebees balance plus the Partner Exclusive balance.

For example, if you have $4.50 in Freebees and $8.70 in Exclusive money, you can spend $13.20 for your purchase.

* Money awarded by the Partners, their offers and Promotions, exclude taxes, tobacco products, gift cards, bottle deposits, fluid dairy products, pharmacy, lottery and any other product where prohibited by law. Some restrictions may apply. See details at Partners.